Perché non riesco a rimanere incinta Why Can’t I Get Pregnant The Most Common Reasons 

What is the single most common question asked by couples who are looking for ways to get pregnant? Perché non riesco a rimanere incinta Why can’t I get pregnant? This is the most commonly asked question from a woman looking for answers about her pregnancy.

The best possible answers to this question are to follow your doctor’s orders and stay away from drugs. It is true that some of these drugs will delay a woman’s ovulation. But it will not stop the implantation. And because of this, you need to be careful about which drug you take. Always ask your doctor what medicines you can use.

Another possible answers to this question is to be aware of the stress that your body is under. If you are stressed, you may want to avoid certain activities that may cause your body to go through hormonal changes. These activities include eating too much. You should also avoid taking certain kinds of medications and doing sports for a long period of time.

One of the most popular and common answers to this question is to avoid sex. When you have sex, you give off a small amount of an egg’s energy and when you fertilize it, you are giving the sperm a small dose of energy. This makes it easier for the sperm to penetrate the egg.

Unfortunately, when you try to conceive after one year of having sex, you are more than likely going to fail. It is not that the egg’s surface is not ready to receive a sperm. It is just that the man’s sperm is not as energetic as it would have been if you had been using protection for one year or more.

So the answer to “why can’t I get pregnant?” is simply that the best answer to this question is to follow the doctors’ instructions on how to get pregnant.

And the last but not least, is the most important question of all. Why do you want to get pregnant in the first place? In the past, this was the one that was the hardest to answer, but now with so many resources out there, it is easier.

Think back to when you first had your first orgasm. How did you feel? Did it feel good?

What if you could just have that good feeling again? Imagine being able to experience that same experience every time you have sex. This would make your love making relationship with your partner even better. You would enjoy it more because you would know how to take care of yourself, which will result in you having less of an emotional break down.