Pumping Your Septic Tanks

septic tank cleaning

Before delve into the gritty nitty-gritties of septic tank cleaning septictankhotline.com it is first necessary to know what septic tank cleaning really means. Septic services pertain to the services which are offered by septic companies to septic system owners based on the terms and conditions of such contracts. These services are: Septic tanks cleaning & maintenance, or pumping out old tanks. In some states, you may be required to get the approval of the homeowner’s association before you can perform the pumping or cleaning out your septic tank. The reason why septic tank cleaning is important is because it not only helps you avoid any issues with your septic systems at home but also protects your family and pets from diseases caused by unwanted bacteria in the septic tank.

There are many reasons why septic tank cleaning is important. For one, it keeps you and your family safe from potential danger since the sewage and garbage are contained in an enclosed space. If not pumped out properly, it can mix with water and affect the natural balance of the soil and surroundings in your yard. For another thing, the septic tank contains liquid that when not pumped out can cause unpleasant odors and mess in your yard, especially if it is located close to a garden or other areas that are full of flowers and plants.

The reason why septic services are often done by professional septic tank cleaning and pumping companies is because there are certain conditions which may affect the efficiency of your system and damage it over time. For instance, poor location of the tank can affect its pumping efficiency. Also, there are biological additives included in the septic tank which can work against the system if not pumped out completely. In order to resolve these problems, professional companies will usually use biological additives like enzymes, UV light, and chemical break downs to get rid of the problems.

Biological additives used in septic cleaning and pumping processes work by breaking down solid waste inside the tank into simpler forms that can easily be disposed of through normal home systems. The most common biodegradable additive is Lye, which can be dissolved in the water used for pumping your drainage system. Lye is highly toxic, so handling and pouring off the dead sludge is not at all advisable. Aside from that, the presence of the Lye can seriously damage your tank walls, making it susceptible to cracks and leaks. These things should not be overlooked, especially since they can cause serious damage to your tank.

Another important step in tank cleaning processes is ensuring that your drains are clear and clean. Cleaning and pumping out the solids in your tanks does not stop there. Once the solids have been cleared out, the next step is to make sure that your drainage system is working properly by checking for any leaks and lines. This can prevent overflow from happening, which can lead to severe damage to your tanks and pipes. Also, cleaning and pumping out your septic tanks will make way for the proper functioning of your drainage system, which is important to maintain a healthy household.

Septic tanks need to be pumped out once every three months, with a minimum interval of one month between each cleaning. When you do need to pump out your tanks, there are many ways to keep bacteria away from your tanks. One of the best options would be to set up an exclusion zone around your house, using the wall of your house as the boundary. Another option is to buy a sprinkler system that would eliminate the need for you to pump out your tanks. Lastly, you can also install an ultraviolet light in your home, which could kill bacteria. Having your tanks cleaned periodically will keep bacteria from taking up residence inside your tanks and pipes, allowing them to function smoothly.