Why Choose Merino Wool Clothe?

Merino wool clothe is a popular choice for outdoor adventurers, especially those looking to keep comfortable and warm in varying conditions. It has natural properties that make it a great base layer for colder climates, but it also works well in the hotter parts of the year.

It’s a breathable fabric that helps regulate body temperature by keeping moisture from building up in the garment, while letting the air pass through to the wearer. This makes it perfect for a range of activities, from running and hiking to skiing.

The fabric is soft and squishy to the touch, which makes it very comfortable on the skin. It can be worn alone or layered with other clothing.

This fibre is incredibly durable, able to stand up to heavy usage without deteriorating or tearing. Its natural wave like structure called crimp, gives it an additional level of strength, resilience and elasticity.

It has anti-bacterial properties to help prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, meaning it will not stain or smell when washed. This is a great feature for people who are often out and about in dirty environments, and is ideal for travellers who want to keep their clothes free of odours.

Merino wool has excellent UV protection, helping to block out harmful rays from the sun so you can enjoy outdoor activities safely. This is especially important in New Zealand as the sun’s rays are getting more powerful and we are exposed to higher doses of UV radiation than most other countries.

The material is very resistant to heat and water, meaning it won’t wrinkle easily when you sweat in it or wash it in the washing machine. It’s also a bit more elastic and durable than other fabrics so you can expect your merino wool products to last a lifetime, especially if they are cared for correctly.

Another benefit of merino wool naked is its ability to adsorb and evaporate water very quickly, keeping you dry even when it’s warm out. This is a natural phenomenon that’s influenced by the cellular structure, biophysical qualities and chemical properties of the fabric.

This is why it is a good idea to pack merino wool clothing in your luggage, whether you’re planning a short trip or a longer one. You can often get away with just one shirt and a pair of socks, but for warmer climates it’s usually best to have two shirts so you can alternate between wearing the same one each day.

As with any garment, the best way to keep merino wool clean is to hand-wash in cold water with a wool specific detergent and rinse thoroughly. Do not use hot water as this will cause the fibers to shrink and may result in wrinkling or holes.

Unlike other fibres, merino wool can be washed and dried quickly, so it’s easy to keep your merino wool clothes in pristine condition, ready for next time you go out into the wild. It can also be dyed, allowing it to look a little more fashionable, so it’s a great choice for those who are keen on having a bit of style in their outdoor wear.